Beverly Heritage Days 2020
"Forgotten Stories"


17, 18, & 19 July 2020
Beverly, West Virginia

Living Historians and Reenactors from 1750 through 1970 are invited to join the Beverly Heritage Center for our timeline heritage event to share the history of settlement, conflict, and daily life in the Tygart Valley. For 2020, we will be focusing on the less-told voices of women, people of color, Native Americans, and other groups who are under-represented in traditional history, in addition to stories of those in the military and the communities they impacted.


Beverly, West Virginia was the original county seat of Randolph County, and was a crucial crossroads through settlement, Civil War and 20th Century history. Located 6 miles south of Elkins along US Rt 219, Beverly is an active heritage tourism destination with town historic district, Rich Mountain Battlefield, and multiple museums and shops anchored by the Beverly Heritage Center. Beverly Heritage Days is our primary heritage event of the year.

Living history camps will include 18th, 19th, and 20th century eras with scenarios welcome for any part of our timeline, military and civilian. Living history, first person impressions, demonstrations, presentations, displays, and heritage crafts are all welcome.

Forgotten Stories – We want to tell stories that are not usually told, including groups and individuals that are often not included in mainstream reenactments or history. We are researching some local history stories to share, and encourage you to come up with less heard voices and additional time periods to help make this event something different.

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